News Flash – Last 2×4 Colonial Cavy Cage GONE!!!

Just a couple hours ago, I sent out a post saying that if you needed a cavy cage, while we’re vacationing in Hawaii, we still had all of our BlueStoneCommerce models in stock. Well, guess what?

Bad News: We just sold the very last 2×4 Colonial model. No more of this particular cavy cage model available until Oct. 25, 2010! (Yes, they’re going that fast).

Good News: We still have the 2×4 Colonial with storage in stock. (Same as the 2×4 Colonial but with a very handy integral storage pedestal built in to the bottom level).

While we are here in Hawaii, we are working to keep your pigs happy – although working here doesn’t really feel like working as you can see in this VDO:

Want to see our helicopter ride over Kauai (can you spot the waterfall from the movie Jurrasic Park) and also learn a little more about our cavy cage vacation stock? <–CLICK on the LINK HERE

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